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Legal counsel services for natural persons

Each client who wants to use legal services, such as, for example, drawing up a letter, obtaining legal advice or representation in court usually pays a jointly agreed fee the service in question. The amount of the fee depends on factors such as the amount of work, type of activity, and the date of its completion. We invite you to contact our lawyers free of charge determining the amount of remuneration for a specific service.

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Accounting services for entrepreneurs

The scope of accounting services includes, among others tax settlements, preparation of letters to the tax office, Social Insurance Institution or obtaining legal advice. Our accountant also has a Minister's license Finance for service bookkeeping and third party liability insurance. The cost of the accounting service depends on factors such as the amount of work, its completion date and type services. Please contact us for a free service quote.

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Legal services for companies by a legal advisor

Permanent legal service is the most convenient form of cooperation for the company. Provides fast and cheap operation. Companies that conclude a permanent contract can count on ongoing contact with a lawyer and full supervision of the company's interests. We do not charge any additional fees. The amount of the fee is determined jointly and depends on the scope of the company's service. To obtain information about the height fees, please contact us by phone. The pricing of the service is free.

Rules for the valuation of cases and the price list of selected services.

Each lawyer cooperating with the Law Firm makes every effort to ensure that each of our clients is satisfied with the services offered to them and with the prices corresponding to these services. Concern for the highest quality service, each problem presented by the client is thoroughly analyzed before accepting the case. The selected lawyer or attorney-at-law assesses the chances achieving the set goal. The client learns about the results of the analysis immediately. Our lawyers want all financial arrangements to be clear and not constitute an issue no stage of surprise. Free information on the initial and final valuation of the case can be obtained via the Internet or by phone. We invite customers all districts of the City. We offer competitive prices and discounts depending on the duration of the service and the nature of the specific case. Each of our lawyers will be happy to help solve your problem.

If you need legal advice over the phone, we encourage you to read the Regulations for legal telephone advice . It is available for download after clicking on THIS PLACE