Białołęka and Targówek. Legal advisor and advocate for companies and individuals.

As part of the legal practice, a team of cooperating lawyers provides clients with, among others from the districts of Targówek or Białołęka comprehensive legal support . The law firm is able to provide individual clients with legal advice, including in the field of broadly understood civil law , administrative law i criminal law . Individual clients from the Targówek district or Białołęka, our lawyers, apart from providing legal advice, also prepare relevant letters (lawsuits, petitions, grievances, complaints, appeals, etc.). If you want to establish a comprehensive cooperation, natural persons can also count on the comprehensive support of our lawyers in the course of conducting court proceedings before a civil, administrative or criminal court. Our law firm also supports companies (sole proprietorships, civil partnerships, limited liability companies), as well as housing communities, associations and foundations operating e.g. in districts: Białołęka or Targówek. Each of our lawyers is ready to offer entrepreneurs permanent or ad hoc legal assistance . The scope of cooperation includes, in particular, legal advice in the field of opinions and preparation of contracts, issues related to the protection of personal data (GDPR), debt collection, participation in negotiations / mediations and legal representation before common and administrative courts. For clients - companies, each of our legal counsels may also offer a combination of legal services with accounting services. The latter were performed they are operated by a lawyer who is also licensed by the Ministry of Finance for bookkeeping services. The law firm also provides where necessary online legal advice.

Białołęka and Targówek. Labor law lawyer. Legal counsel invites you to legal advice

Białołęka, Targówek, Dobry, Prawnik

Both the lawyer and every attorney at law cooperating with the company are able to provide the residents of Białołęka and Targówek districts with legal advice in the field of labor law. Legal advice can concern, for example, establishing and terminating an employment relationship, establishing the existence of an employment relationship, compensation for mobbing, or claiming remuneration for work performed. Attorney at law or the lawyer will also prepare and give an opinion on documents related to the employment relationship. Each of our lawyers or legal advisers will provide the residents of Targówek and Białołęka districts with legal advice in on the preparation of an appeal against a decision of the Social Insurance Institution. In addition to providing legal advice, each of our lawyers is ready to defend the client's interests also before the labor court of all instances.

Family lawyer. The law firm invites residents of the Targówek and Białołęka districts

Prawnik, Targówek, Białołęka, skuteczny

Each of our legal advisers has experience in the field of family law. For these reasons, he is willing to provide the residents of Targówek and Białołęka districts with legal advice on the case of Fr. divorce, alimony or separation. Each of our lawyers or attorneys at law will be happy to assist the client with the problem of depriving parental authority or establishing paternity. The attorney at law recommends his assistance in the division of marital property or in matters relating to maintenance not only for the children of the parties. In addition to providing legal advice attorney at law also offers his clients representation before a family court. We also encourage clients from other districts than Białołęka or Targówek to cooperate.

Inheritance law. Legal advice from a lawyer for clients from Targówek and Białołęka districts.

Białołęka, Targówek, Dobry, Prawnik

Each of our lawyers offers legal advice in the field of inheritance law. A solicitor or solicitor offers full support and assistance with issues relating to the recognition of the heir for unworthy, and will provide legal advice on a comprehensive assessment of the testator's financial situation. Our attorney-at-law or lawyer offers his support in matters relating to acceptance of inheritance or its rejection. You can also obtain legal advice on the annulment or preparation of a will from each of our lawyers. Attorney at law represents also clients before the court in a case for confirmation of inheritance acquisition. Customers from the districts of Warsaw such as Białołęka, Targówek, Bródno and Targówek.

Legal counsel and lawyer invite the districts of Targówek and Białołęka. The administrative law.

Prawnik, Targówek, Białołęka

Each attorney-at-law cooperating with the company has extensive experience in the field of administrative law and in proceedings before administrative courts. For these reasons, a counselor legal counsel can provide you with high level of legal advice. We encourage the residents of Warsaw from the districts of Białołęka, Targówek, Targówek and Bródno to contact and cooperate. Pose providing legal advice, a legal advisor may also prepare appropriate applications, complaints, appeals or complaints to administrative courts. Getting legal advice can involve also representation before local government and government administration bodies and before administrative courts, including the Supreme Administrative Court.