Lawyer in front of the court. The districts of Białołęka, Targówek and Bródno

Legal advisor, accountant and lawyer support partners of civil partnerships also from the Białołęka district. We will provide support in the scope of obligations and rights of partners. We will indicate solutions for making contributions and distribution of losses and profits. We provide assistance in determining the liability of partners' spouses for the company's debts. We will support partners in the need to identify important ones elements of the articles of association. We will give an opinion on the contracts and support their implementation. We will provide support in the field of debt collection. We offer cheap access to the office.

Targówek, Bródno and Białołęka. Legal advisor and reviewing contracts.

Lawyer and attorney-at-law invites people who intend to run or run a sole proprietorship. Each of our lawyers will provide legal advice on registration business or related to commercial documentation. A legal advisor will provide support to a one-person company, including from the Białołęka district, on negotiating the terms of leasing and rental or lease. We will assist clients in issuing opinions on contracts and debt collection. We offer assistance and representation in court proceedings. We ensure good contact with the client.

Online legal advice. Inhabitants of Ochota Wola and Bródno

Our lawyer or attorney-at-law supports the functioning of commercial law companies also from the Białołęka district. We will provide support in matters relating to the rights and obligations of partners and obligations of the company's bodies. We support the liquidation or establishment of a company. The attorney-at-law will present the rules of functioning of the company's bodies and we will prepare or give an opinion on the concluded contracts. We provide assistance in changing contracts or statutes of companies. An accountant serving companies, will provide valuable accounting tips. We will support the activities of company bodies.

The districts of Białołęka, Bródno and Targówek. A law firm providing comprehensive legal assistance

The Law Firm provides ad hoc and permanent accounting and legal services for the activities conducted by clients. In particular, an accountant and attorney-at-law can provide services to the communities housing, commercial companies, associations and foundations in the city of Warsaw, in particular in the Białołęka district. In the field of legal services, the attorney-at-law provides preparation of all documents, provides legal advice and draws up or gives opinions on contracts. The indicated legal advisor provides legal recovery or representation of the company in the proceedings forensic. In the event of a dispute, the attorney-at-law supports clients, among others from the Białołęka district in proceedings before the common court and the administrative court.

Lawyer and legal advisor in current matters for clients of Bródno, Białołęka and Targówek

Each of our legal advisers and other lawyers supports the Foundation's activities. We will provide support in the preparation of registration documentation. We will undertake the creation of the statute and other documents necessary for the operation of the foundation. The attorney-at-law will indicate the possibilities of conducting business activity and explain the rules for obtaining the status of a public benefit organization. We will draw up or provide an opinion on the necessary contracts.

Lawyer and legal advisor for companies from the districts of Targówek, Bródno and Białołęka

An attorney-at-law or a lawyer will provide legal advice on determining an appropriate and cheap legal form for non-profit activities and will prepare registration documentation. If necessary, the legal advisor prepares draft resolutions or other acts. We will provide support in the development of regulations and in the registration of an association or make changes to its activities. The lawyer will assist the Associations operating in Wola in negotiating contracts.

The districts of Białołęka, Targówek and Bródno. Lawyer and attorney-at-law recommend debt collection support for companies.

A lawyer or attorney at law will support the process of community meetings and provide legal advice on its proper conduct. If necessary, we will explain all the rules community activities and we will support the process of its organization. We will indicate the rights and obligations of the members of the community. We will dispel doubts related to the adoption of mandatory resolutions. The legal advisor also provides the communities from the Białołęka district with the necessary debt collection.