Białołęka Bródno, Targówek. Accounting and accounting services.

The Law and Accounting Office "Kliman-Rola" provides accounting services for companies and individuals. The accountant provides accounting services for sole proprietorships, as well as various types of companies such as civil law, commercial law and housing communities located in the city, in particular in the districts of Targówek, Bródno and Białołęka. The scope of the accounting service concerns, inter alia, reducing the costs of running a business or consulting in setting it up and accounting for the books of accounts, revenues and expenses. The accountant also settles VAT, CIT and PIT taxes. An accountant providing services as part of her business is a lawyer by education and has many years of professional practice supported by obtaining a certificate of the Minister of Finance in the field of bookkeeping services. The accounting services provider is also insured against civil liability as part of the services provided. This ensures reliability, speed as well as substantive and formal correctness of performed orders. The accountant ensures professionalism and good contact with the client. For individual clients and companies from the vicinity of city districts such as Targówek, Białołęka and Bródno, there is an office located in the city center. This ensures cheap and good access for customers from all over the city. At the agreed date, the accountant is able to ensure the confidentiality and comfort of the discussion during the meeting and explain the problem or undertake temporary or long-term cooperation. It is possible to partially provide accounting and HR services remotely, by phone or via the Internet. The above solution allows, in some situations, to shorten the service time and reduce its costs. The cost of performing a one-off accounting service depends, among others, on the type of service, the amount of work and the date on which it is to be performed. Provision of accounting services based on one-off orders mainly concerns individual clients. The accountant offers full support of lawyers such as legal advisor. The remuneration related to the provision of accounting services is determined individually. The monthly rate of remuneration is determined by negotiation and depends on factors such as the size of the enterprise, the headquarters of the entrepreneur, the type of activity or the selected form of cooperation. Each company from the district of the city: Bródno, Białołęka, Targówek, the accountant can offer favorable terms of cooperation. The accountant encourages to combine legal services with an accountant or HR. This allows you to minimize the costs of servicing the company in comparison with the costs of ad hoc or one-time service. While providing legal advice, an accountant tries to ensure cheap and good conditions for the Client's business. The proposed form of business is aimed at low operating costs. Permanent service of an accountant and a lawyer: in the person of a legal advisor, it is associated with a fixed, recurring fee. By establishing permanent cooperation, the attorney-at-law and accountant ensure speed of action and priority over temporary clients.

Accountant in a one-man company from Bródno, Targówek and Białołęka districts

The accountant provides full support to people running a sole proprietorship. Accounting services are also supported by consulting for clients, who are just planning to start a business. The accountant provides advice in this regard, indicating the optimal method of settlements and other solutions. Accountant ensures keeping VAT registers for entrepreneurs who are active VAT payers. If the client wishes, the accountant also keeps a register of funds fixed assets and intangible assets and equipment records. The accountant supports clients in the preparation of ZUS settlement declarations, tax declarations for the purposes of income tax, declarations for the purposes of VAT. Accounting services can also be provided on a monthly basis informing the client about the amount of the advance payment for income tax (by the 20th day of the following month) and about the need to show the VAT tax and submit declarations VAT-7 or VAT-7K with quarterly settlement. We also provide accounting, supporting the payment of social security contributions. Accounting services are recommended to entities from the districts Targówek Bródno, and Białołęka in the city. The accountant provides premises in the city center for people and companies from these districts. This enables cheap and good access practically for customers from all districts of the city. The accountant also invites clients from other districts of the city than Bródno, Białołęka and Targówek.

Accountant for a civil partnership in the districts of Białołęka, Bródno, Targówek

Civil partnerships operating in city districts such as Białołęka, Bródno and Targówek can count on professional accounting. Accounting services performed are comprehensively by our accountant, while a lawyer selected by the client, such as a legal advisor, may support the company in the field of legal issues. Accountant supports both the settlement of partners of a civil partnership and the partnership itself. Customers can count on support in the selection of the form of taxation. Bookkeeping can be provided both in the form of a lump sum on recorded revenues as well as in the form of a book of revenues and expenses. After exceeding the limit of net revenues is obliged to keep full accounting. Also, these accounting services can be performed in our office. Accountant as well as another chosen one by the client, the lawyer explains all doubts regarding the doubts regarding the joint property of the partners and the status of a civil partnership for the purposes The accountant provides good access to the premises located in the very center of the city and tries to cooperate in order to maintain a good contact. We also invite civil partnerships from other districts of the city than Bródno, Targówek or Białołęka to cooperate. The accountant allows quick and cheap access to Customers in different parts of the city. If necessary, good and cheap communication via the Internet is also possible.

Accounting for commercial companies in the Bródno, Białołęka and Targówek districts

The accountant provides services to commercial companies located in the city. In particular, due to the location of the premises in the city center, the accountant encourages cooperation companies from the vicinity of such districts as Bródno, Białołęka and Targówek. Due to the fact that commercial companies are required to keep full accounting records accounting, the accountant provides this form of settlement to Clients who wish to cooperate. Accounting services performed by our lawyer result in certain behavior the Accounting Principles Act. The accountant reliably and clearly presents the property and financial situation as well as the company's financial result in the documentation. Accounting includes, among others keeping, on the basis of accounting vouchers, accounting books containing records of events in a chronological and systematic order. The accountant provides, among others periodic determining or checking the actual state of assets and liabilities through inventory and drawing up financial statements. Accounting can be supported at the client's request legal services provided by a legal advisor. Our team of lawyers, apart from substantive support, ensures good contact with the client and cheap access to the premises. Clients can count on accounting services at the highest level. The accountant ensures constant communication, also in electronic form, which makes cooperation cheap and fast. We invite companies from outside the districts of Targówek, Bródno and Białołęka to contact us.


An accountant and each of our lawyers support foundations operating in the city. Foundation accounting is a specific nature of services. For these reasons it is important it is essential that accounting services are performed by persons with knowledge and experience in this field. The accountant performs activities in compliance with the regulations and without prejudice to the provisions of the statute. Accounting services consist in keeping records and financial books in accordance with the Accounting Act reporting obligations towards the tax office and the Social Insurance Institution. The accountant provides support in the preparation of accounting policy and prepares reports financial. The accounting services provided are characterized by the registration of financial events while maintaining the applicable regulations, which results in a clear picture the activities and finances of the organization. The accountant provides support, among others in the preparation of a chart of accounts tailored to the needs of the Foundation and representation in The Tax Office during the inspection. The Foundation can count on the support of lawyers, including services provided by a legal advisor. The accountant encourages you to cooperation - foundations based in the districts of Targówek, Białołęka and Bródno. In order to facilitate cooperation, the located premises are at the disposal of customers in the city center. This enables good and cheap communication. The accountant and each of our lawyers ensure good contact and communication with the client. we invite you to foundations from outside the Bródno, Targówek and Białołęka districts of cooperation.

Accountant for Communities. The districts of Targówek, Bródno, Białołęka.

By providing accounting services, the accountant also supports the housing communities operating in the city, located in the Bródno, Białołęka and Targówek districts. When carrying out accounting for communities, the accountant takes into account the suggestions of residents and in each case, apart from providing accounting, tries to advise the management board in current matters related to administration. The accountant, assisting the community board, keep separate records of income settlement for the real estate and costs and receipts and expenses of the renovation fund. Accounting also includes keeping common non-accounting records for each real estate: costs management of a common property, advances to cover management costs and settlements for other titles for the common property. The accountant encourages for the cooperation of communities from other districts of the city than Bródno, Białołęka and Targówek. At the request of the clients, the accountant participates in meetings of all owners and supports them the adoption of an annual economic plan for the management of common real estate. The accounting services provided clearly indicate all costs incurred by community, revenues and benefits related to these costs, cash held and settlements with suppliers, recipients, offices and co-owners and all other settlements. The accountant provides cheap and fast access and good contact to all members of the communities. The accountant has legal support of legal advisers.

Accounting for associations. Districts of Białołęka, Targówek and Bródno

Together with cooperating lawyers, the accountant provides legal support and accounting services for associations operating in city districts such as Bródno, Targówek, Białołęka. The accountant is able to advise on, among others the form of settlements and replace the organization in all formalities The accountant realizes all formalities related to the registration of the association. Accounting services include records of all economic events, such as: purchase, sale, cash and non-cash financial operations. The accountant supports associations by keeping accounting books and submitting annual financial statements. Bookkeeping it also consists in developing the principles of accounting policy and calculating monthly advances for income tax, as well as preparing reports for internal the needs of the Association. The accountant also takes care of the ongoing verification of the correctness of issued and received VAT invoices and prepares appropriate declarations. Witnessing Accounting, the cooperating lawyers and accountants pay attention to the specific nature of associations and watch over the substantive correctness of all activities. Lawyers and accountant Associations located in the city also invite to cooperation outside the districts of Targówek, Bródno or Białołęka. The accountant and each of the lawyers provide quick and cheap access to the premises located in the city center. At the same time, the accountant and other lawyers, including a legal advisor, ensure good contact with each client.